The Imperial Prince XXVIII Silas Battenberg Memorial Defenders Award

A perpetual award bestowed by the reigning Imperial Prince Royale and Imperial Princess Royale to the Rose Court Prince or Princess whose support greatly contributed to their year.  This award is not included/part of the Harmony of the Rose Awards Dinner presentation of the stepping-down Monarchs.


Year Recipient
2003 Imperial Prince XVIII Rufus Bierly
2004 Imperial Prince XX ShelleY Hutchinson & Imperial Princess XXV Poison Waters
2005 Imperial Prince Royale XXX Antoni DePrada
2006 Crown Princess Royale V Candi Wrapper
2007 Imperial Prince Royale V Billy Fisher
2008 Imperial Prince X Scotty BoXX
2009 Imperial Princess Royale XXXVI Fiona Flash Foxx
2010 Imperial Prince XVI Jim Ploeg & Imperial Princess XXI Maria
2011 Imperial Princess Royale XXXVIII Summer Lynne Seasons Foxx
2012 Imperial XIX Michelle Craig
2013 Imperial Princess Royale XL Roxy Hart
2014 Imperial Princess XXI Maria Peters Lake
2015 Imperial Princ XX ShelleY
2017 HIM Imperial Princess Royale XLI The Sassy Cassie Nova
2018 Imperial Prince XXV Katrina Knight
2021 Dr Chance de Valmont