Monarch’s History

In the year 1958, the Court of Transylvania was formed with Queen Samuel I proclaiming herself Monarch. The following year she retained her title but the winds of time were unkind and not until 1965, with the Pruitts of Portland did the community find itself again. The early balls between 1965 and 1971 were more in the mode of “Queen for A Day”, thus the start of the “Rose Queen” title.

The Pruitts first function entitled “Road to Ruin” witnessed the crowning of Rose (who previously claimed the title of Rose I and II) as Rose Queen III at the Spring Ball in 1965. At the Fall Ball in the same year, Erland was crowned Rose Queen IV. As 1967 appeared, Ginger was crowned Rose Queen V at the Spring Ball and Mame was crowned Rose Queen VI at the Fall Ball. With 1968 upon us, Anything Goes was crowned Rose Queen VII at the Spring Ball followed by Kissi Diki being crowned at the “April in Paris” Fall Ball, Rose Queen VIII.

Mother time was rapidly changing, 1969 appeared bringing Ginger as Rose Queen IX at the Spring Ball “Pot Pourri”, in the same year the elegant Rochelle transfixed the people as she was crowned Rose Queen X at “The Days of Wine and Roses” Fall Ball.

The year 1969 also ushered in the Portland Forum, which became the oldest chartered gay organization in the State of Oregon. The organization then began staging the balls.

In 1970, Scarlett was crowned Rose Queen XI at the Spring Ball. With the occurrence of the Fall Ball in 1970, the Portland Forum changed the title from Queen to Empress; thus Lisa Jean was proclaimed Rose Empress XII. With the sands of time gathering momentum 1971 brought forth Telané to be crowned Rose Empress XIII. With her resignation, Vanessa was designated Regent Empress XIII.

In October of 1971, we rejoiced when Tracey St. James became the first Empress to be elected by the constitutional freedom of the public and was crowned Rose Empress XIV. Upon her stepping-down in 1972, she proclaimed Vanessa, Rose Empress XIII, thus removing Regent from her title.

In the same year, 1972, Darcelle was crowned Rose Empress XV, “The Happiness of the Rose”. The fragrance of happiness has been with us ever since.

Then in 1973, Doni Lamé was crowned Rose Empress XVI, The incomparable Lame then gave us the wonderful addition of a Rose Emperor at her stepping-down in 1974; when she proclaimed the first Emperor would be crowned with the eighteenth Empress.

That same year, 1974, Elsa Daniels, the statuesque redhead was crowned Rose Empress XVII “The Lustre of the Rose”.

When 1975 came upon us, excitement was in the air as the First Rose Emperor Kim of the Lumberjack Court and Rose Empress XVIII Mona Greer “The Music of the Rose” were crowned.

Rose Emperor II Harold and Rose Empress XIX Melody Starr ascended the throne in 1976 as “The Unity of the Rose”.

1977 ushered in Rose Emperor III Richard Calhoun and Rose Empress XX Candi Wrapper, but with the resignation of Richard, Blaine, his prince was proclaimed Rose Emperor IV and their year became “The Friendship of the Rose”.

Rose Emperor V Frank and Rose Empress XXI Allison Grey stole the limelight in 1978 with “The Pride of the Rose”.

“The Promise of the Rose” in 1979 brought together Rose Emperor VI Tom Terrific and the irrepressible Rose Empress XXII Stephanie Foxx.

Into the ’80s we traveled, joining forces with “The Gem of the Rose” Rose Emperor VII Joey and Rose Empress XXIII Trisha.

In 1981 we were rewarded with Rose Emperor VIII Cal Hackler and Rose Empress XXIV Esther Hoffman Howard and “The Harmony of the Rose”.

Rose Emperor IX Larry and Rose Empress XXV Champagne majestically followed in 1982 as “The Celebration of the Rose” with Larry proclaiming Champagne “The Silver and Purple Empress” on November 3rd 1983.

With 1983 upon us Rose Emperor X Gary Benoit and the tempestuous Rose Empress XXVI Rosey Waters raced through their year of “The Honesty of the Rose”.

Rose Emperor XI Frank and Rose Empress XXVII Hurricane Olivia excited us with their scintillating outfits during their year of 1984, “The Faith of the Rose”.

Boom, 1985 arrived with Rose Emperor XII Alan and Rose Empress XXVIII Dora Jar the long-legged logorrheic Empress with their year of “The Ecstasy of the Rose”.

In 1986 a star fell from the firmament to earth as Lady Elaine Peacock became Rose Empress XXIX with her devoted dashing Silver Arrow Emperor XIII Ray Snively. Unhappily the star ascended in 1993 but will always be loved, as will “The Legend of the Rose”.

The First woman Emperor of Portland, Rose Emperor XIV Karen Girl George Jar and Rose Empress XXX, The Pearl were crowned in 1987 as “The Rapture of the Rose”.

The elegant and pristine Rose Empress XXXI Cicely purred through her year like a sleek black panther accompanied by her Rose Emperor XV Mr. Lavender during their 1988 year of “The Tradition of the Rose”.

The avant-garde Rose Emperor XVI Mr. Bill and Rose Empress XXXII Velvet Monet raised the roof during 1989 as they celebrated “The Sincerity of the Rose”.

Blasted into orbit in 1990, Rose Emperor XVII Ray Wilston and Rose Empress XXXIII Patti O’Dora enveloped us during their year of “The Destiny of the Rose”.

In 1991 Rose Emperor XVIII David Perry and Rose Empress XXXIV Tia were borne aloft as our Monarchs. Their year of “The Splendor of the Rose” catapulted us into the next crowning.

1992 Rose Emperor XIX Jim Ploeg and Rose Empress XXXV Michelle Craig and their year of “The Spirit of the Rose”.

1993, another first, two women were elected to the position of Emperor and Empress. With Rose Empress XXXVI Maria, becoming the first woman Empress and Rose Emperor XX Babalou the second woman Emperor. Thus, “The Vision of the Rose” was established.

Moving into 1994 with “The Integrity of the Rose” Rose Emperor XXI Scotty Boxx and Rose Empress XXXVII Eden Express electrified the Circuit with their humor, talent and exquisite gowns.

Rose Emperor XXI Michael and Rose Empress XXXVIII Misha Rockafeller stepped up in 1995 with their year of “The Beauty of the Rose”.

They were followed by “The P and P Couple” in 1996, affectionately known as The Pirate Emperor and The Pantaloon Empress. Majestically known as Rose Emperor XXIII Kimberlee Van Patten and Rose Empress XXXIX Stephanie DeVore and “The Enchantment of the Rose”.

“The Seduction of the Rose” in 1997 with Rose Emperor XXIV Barry Burns and Rose Empress XL Tonya Rose gave us a year of highly charged sexual camaraderie.

1998, was the year of the Texas Tornado, Rose Emperor XXV Norm Nevers Sugarbaker and his Ruby and Amethyst Jeweled Heart Empress, Rose Empress XLI Krystel Belle-Rose Divine Lake giving us “The Imagination of the Rose”.

1999 saw Rose Emperor XXVI Scott Heifer and Rose Empress XLII Amanda Carrington known as “The Mystery and Intrigue of the Rose” bringing a close to the 20th Century.

In 2000 “The Diversity of the Rose”, Rose Emperor XXVII Andrew T. Foxx and Rose Empress XLIII The Lovely Suzanne rang in the new Millennium in “Black and White Style”.

In 2001, Rose Emperor XXVIII Shelley and Rose Empress XLIV Poison Waters were crowned and named the “Passion of the Rose”.

In 2002, we kicked off the “Devotion of the Rose” giving us our 29th Emperor and 45th Empress with  the crowning of The Devoted Heart Emperor, Rose Emperor XXIX Josef A. Foxx and the Elegant White Rose, Rose Empress XLV Chloe Stone.

Then, in 2003 we crowned Rose Emperor XXX Scoty DeVore Foxx and Rose Empress XLVI Lotta Marie Liquor and the “Radiance of the Rose.”

In 2004, we crowned Rose Emperor XXXI, Gary Benoit, without an Empress. His reign was titled The Dedication of the Rose in honor of the gloriousness of all past Rose Empresses.

In 2005 we crowned Rose Emperor XXXII, Mark Hollywood Rose, and Rose Empress XLVII, The Divine Alycia Day with their reign of The Heart and Determination of the rose.

In 2006 Rose Emperor XXXIII, Don Hood, and Rose Empress XLVIII, Dawna Creation, titled their reign The Inspiration of the Rose. The Rose Court was granted our 501c3 status.

From October 2007 to October 2008 Rose Emperor XXXIV, Hollywood Nightengale Foxx, and Rose Empress XLIX, The Surreal Fiona Flash Foxx reigned as The Romance of the Rose.  This was also the celebration of 50 years of service for the ISRC.  At Coronation we hosted the International Court Council., Queen Mother of the Americas Nicole the Great, Empress 1 Jose, and Empress of Canada Ted Northe.

From October 2008 to October 2009 The Essence of the Rose, stepped up at the Portland Art Museum in a night of splendor.  Rose Emperor XXXV J.L. Thompson and Rose Empress L Krystal Lynn Benoit have years of history with the International Court System and local organizations.

From October 2009 to October 2010 The Renaissance of the Rose, Rose Emperor XXXVI “A Really Nice Guy” Scott and Rose Empress LI “The Chrome Frog Empress” Ciara Dela’Rosa stepped up at the Melody Ball Room in October of 2009, and celebrated their year by stepping down in October of 2010 at the same venue.

From October 2010 to October 2011 The Embrace of the Rose, was lead by Rose Emperor XXXVII “The Celtic Lion Emperor” Chad Hammer. This reign embraces all aspects of the community service that the Rose Court has and continues to contribute and instituted the 1,000 Community Service Hours Initiative, which was later adopted by the International Court System as the “68,000 Noble Hours.”

From October 2011 to October 2012 the Fire of the Rose was lead by The Soaring Phoenix Emperor Rose Emperor XXXVIII Athens Scities Foxx and The Keep it Fresh Empress Rose Empress LIII The Legendary Monica Boulevard.  Their year is dedicated to “Keeping it Fresh!”  Spreading positive energy everywhere they go! and getting it fired up!

From October 2012 to October 2013 the Allure of the Rose was led by The First Latino & Community Emperor, Rose Emperor XXXIX Gina Valdez Kennady-Smith and The Sparkling Rose, Rose Empress LIV The Sassy Cassie Nova.  Their year was dedicated to Community Service and their 2 charities of choice for the year were the HIV Day Canter and Our House of Portland. Gina and Cassie we honored during their year as becoming the Grand Marshal’s in Portland Gay Pride Parade and receiving the OGALLA Volunteer of the Year Award. Gina and Cassie’s declaration of the year was that they declared the year of Fun, Excitement and Community Involvement. Let it be known that the Allure of the Rose is not an exclusive group and we open our arms and our hearts to the whole community. Gina and Cassie stepped down at the Crown Plaza hotel to an almost sold out ballroom.

From October 2013 to October 2014 The Absolute Brilliance of the Rose was led by Rose Empress LV Vanessa Vail Peters Lake.  During this reign, Vanessa’s vision was to create the Oregon AIDS Memorial which was initially operated under the Rose Court.  Later during Vanessa’s reign the Oregon AIDS Memorial became its own 501(c) (3) organization, her vision became reality. This was a year that Vanessa helped many cure the “rickets.”  Her motto was “Live it Up”; Coronation 2014 Theme was “Back to Moulin Rouge” and was held at the Historic Melody Ballroom.

In 2014, the Lady Ambrosia ascended the throne. The Jubilee of the Rose focused on community outreach. The cornerstone being the Community Roundtable. Ambrosia wanted to empower people to work together and by doing so, “Make this the City in which you want to live”. The Porcelain Cameo wrapped up year at the Portland Art Museum with a Broadway style Coronation Ball, “A Little Bit Wicked”

Moving in 2018 with the First Asian Empress of Portland, Rose Empress LX Kimberly Michelle Westwood and Rose Emperor XLII Daniel Surreal Foxx were crowned “The Magnificence of the Rose”. A highly charged reign with energetic entertainment, avant garde style, and positive humor that was celebrated with their stepdown “A Night in the Oriental Rose Garden” at the Melody Ballroom.

The Monarchs of The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court have served the City of Portland and the surrounding areas for for well over 50 years celebrating not only the gay community, but the community at large and supporting charities by raising funds that make a difference in our community and beyond!