The History of Parliament

Cheryl Beatrice Hall

Rose Empress XXII Stephanie Foxx

Rose Empress XLVII The Divine Alycia Day

2008 San Diego, CA                              2012 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2009 San Antonio, TX                           2013 Houston, TX

2010 Fresno, CA                                   2014 San Diego, CA

2011 Buffalo, NY                                   2014 Colorado Springs, CO

The International Parliament for the Imperial Court System emerged from a system-wide meeting held in Palm Springs, CA in 2005 initiated by Nicole The Great, Queen Mother of the Americas. Its purpose was to create a meeting format to bring all the courts throughout Canada, United States and Mexico to an annual session to set policy, discuss issues and create new ideas and opportunities for the entire system. It would be the voice of the people. It emerged as the ICCOM Parliament in the format of existing national parliaments in Monarchy nations.

Parliament, composed of delegates and an alternate chosen by each Court, gave each Court one vote. Within the model, leadership included a Prime Minister, Speaker of the House and Secretary. Initially, Queen Mother appointed the Prime Minister and Speaker of the House. This changed several years later at the request of the delegates in which they elected all the officers. The Prime Minister reported directly to the Queen Mother. From the start the Secretary was elected by the delegates. Committees on critical issues were formed. They worked between the annual sessions and reported findings, conclusions and recommendations to the full body at the forthcoming session. Once completed and actions voted upon, its Committee was disbanded.

The primary issue evaluated, debated over the years and concluded, was Parliament’s key role in the succession process for King Father and Queen Mother. This policy was completed. Had Parliament continued, it would have ratified selections for both as needed over time.

The key role of Parliament was to bring together the voice of the people within the 67 Court System in the Americas: Canada, United States and Mexico It succeeded in many areas including suggestions for the flow of coronations, border issues regarding knowing the laws of the three countries, types of charitable support within realms and seeking new areas in which the court system can be supportive in the communities served. Among these were support and understanding the work for youth in the thousands of Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs in secondary schools, which was unanimously approved as a priority in 2014..

Funding was the demise of Parliament. Each Court paid an assessment and all delegates to the meetings paid their own expenses. The meeting sites were provided and subsidized by the sponsoring Courts. Each meeting was timed with the sponsoring Court coronation. A great deal of planning was the norm for for each Parliament meeting. Based on this method of funding, some of the sessions were poorly attended and some did not generate quorums. Parliament did not continue beyond the meeting at Colorado Springs, CO in November 2014.

The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Portland, Oregon attended every meeting. The ISRC Parliamentarians were Cheryl Beatrice Hall, Stephanie Foxx and Alycia Day. Through Parliament many lasting friendships were created and greater understanding of the entire Court System was accomplished. Parliament accomplished its mission in bringing people together and taking action on critical issues and expressing forward vision, but in its form it was not sustainable..

Submitted by Cheryl Beatrice Hall, Member of Parliament