Board History

The Board of Directors was created by Proclamation of “The Promise of the Rose,” Rose Emperor VI Tom Terrific and Rose Empress XXII Stephanie Foxx, in 1980. Prior to the creation of the Board of Directors the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court was governed solely by the Advisory Council of Emperors (ACE) and the Imperial Council of Empresses (ICE).

In 1980 the Bylaws were established. This new “Court Bible” was made up largely from past Imperial Proclamations and longstanding traditions. Each year suggested amendments to the Bylaws are collected from the community and voted on by the Board of Directors at the annual Sustaining Membership meeting in March.

Originally, the Board was made up of seven members. Three members from the community at large, two members chosen from the College of Monarchs and the two Reigning Monarchs. However, in 2000, two additional members were added to share the workload making the total number of Board Members nine (four members at large, three Past Monarchs and the two Reigning Monarchs). Board meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month, are open to the public and are loosely governed according to “Roberts Rules of Order.”