Patron Membership

*Patron Membership – Minimum **$40: Open to all persons age 21 and over who live in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas or Columbia counties.

Patron Members retain the right to elect the Rose Emperor and Empress
Patron Members retain the right to elect the Members-at-Large to the Board of Directors
Patron Members retain the right to elect the Gay Portlands
Patron Members retain the right to petition the Board of Directors for any purpose
Patron Members retain right to submit and vote on amendments to the By-Laws and Operations manuals
Patron Members retain right to be listed on the members roll of the corporation

Patron Members may be granted additional benefits as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, examples are newsletter mailings, committee membership, show coordinators or titleholder advisory, discounts to court shows, reduced advertising cost in programs, the right to run for certain titled positions if other requirements are met. These additional benefits may be approved or adjusted at anytime by the Board of Directors at any regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meeting.

Your support above the sustaining membership fee earns you special recognition as a patron member to the current reign and helps to support the monarchs travel fund, repair and replacement of the symbols of office and other programs. For your additional support, you will be listed in the ISRC coronation program as a patron member. After you complete the patron membership application you will be directed to a page where additional patron member donation can be made

*The membership cycle is from Prince & Princess Ball/Investitures in December to the Prince & Princess Ball/Investitures the following year. To maintain continuous sustaining member status membership must be renewed on or before the Prince & Princess Ball/Investitures.

**If you wish to make an additional patron donation you may do so during checkout.

The proceeds from memberships help pay the operational costs of the ISRC, support the work of the organization and helps us to reach our goal of events and show donations going entirely to charity. Additional Patron donations are placed in the Monarch’s travel fund. Membership fees are tax deductible.