The reigning Rose Emperor and Rose Empress shall each be granted the opportunity to name one permanent member (lifetime title) at  Coronation commencing with the conclusion their reign. The permanent member title (lifetime title) may not duplicate a title previously bestowed.

Permanent Titles



Imperial Mother

Mama Bernice

Minister of Madness & Mayhem

David (Mame) Hamilton

Imperial Keeper of the Crown Jewels


Imperial Father

Bill Schuster

Imperial Prince of the Praetorian Guard

Rick Henderson

Poet Laureate

Gordon Abshire

Imperial Lady of Charm and Beauty


Imperial Grand Duke & Grand Duchess

Gary and Charmaine

Minister of Heraldic Images

Darr Phelps

Minister of Protocol

Kim Chidester

Crown Prince of Neuhardt


Imperial Prince Consort

Bill Elder

Imperial Grand Marquesa

Lillian Carter

Prince Imperial of the Inland Empire

Greer North

Imperial Grand Czarina Suprema

Jerry Williams

Czar & Czarina Suprema

JP & Tina Powers

Czarina Royale

Victoria Schilling

Imperial Champion to Emperor I Kim

Richard Dixie Becker

Protector of the Knights, Gaurdian of the Lights

Don Stevens

Prince of the Realm

Mark Mausen

Imperial Black Rose

Desiree Freeman

Minister of Protocol

Frank Schreckenberger

Minister of Friendship

Jon T

Imperial Spainish Rose


Imerial Grand Ma-mere

The Vanessa

Imerial God-Parents

Sammy & Eugene Laudauer

Imperial Princess of the Realm in-perpetua

Robin Turner

Couturier to the Stars

Chester Brinker

Imperial Council General

Ray Snively

Imperial Keeper of the Sweets

Carol Turner

Imperial Gay Mayor of Portland

Sandy Director

Keeper & Protector of Dreams & Fantasies

Bill Fisher

Imperial Prime Minister

Jimmy Bryan

Guardian of Hopes & Dreams


Imperial Sister

Patti Wild

Imperial Crown Arch Duke

J.L. Thompson

Imperial Crown Arch Duchess


Imperial First Gentlemen to the City of Roses

Larry Vandering

Imperial First Lady to the City of Roses

Kimi Wolf

His Serene Highness, Lord High Chancellor, Protector of the Rose

Jim Ploeg

Imperial Printer for Life


Imperial Brat for Life


Honorary Color Guard for Life

The Knights of Malta

Imperial Baroness of the Realm

Donna Green

Imperial Chancellor of the Exchequer, Protector of the Tradition of the Rose

Archduke Dennis Burkart

Empress Ultima Eterna

Danielle Derriere

Imperial Exalted Sister for Life

Buffy Boxx

Imperial Grand Marquis of the Inland Empire, Protector of the Destiny

Imperial Lord and Guardian to the Empress’ Destiny

Christopher Papst

Scott Clendening

Imperial Sister to All Roses Past & Present


Imperial Athena to the Rose Court

Kitty Renne

Imperial Queen Mother to the Splendor of the Rose for Life


Imperial Grand Baron

Willie Tucker

Brother Emperor & Electric Advisor to the Scarlet Emperor & Friend of the Court for Life

Emperor XI of Spokane ShelleY

Imperial Grand Duke of Ebony Visions

Kimberlee Van Patten

Imperial Grand Duke of Ivory Visions

Larry Mathews

Imperial Absolut Diva to the Integrity of the Rose

Rosa Marie Sugarbaker

Wizard of Open Hands and Hospitality

Steve Suss

Imperial Count for Life

Robert Thomas

Imperial Grand Duke

Bobby Brue

Imperial Grand Duke of Enchantment

Jim Snelling

Keeper of the Secret Chateau, Imperial Grand Snatch of the Realm

Brian Barger

Guardian of the Lapis & Onyx Tradition, Imperial Lord of Seduction

Timm Rose Lake

Imperial Guardian to the Seduction of the Rose


Imperial Citizen for Life

Auntie Milo

Imperial Grand Duchess to the White Tiger & Protector of the Imagination of the Rose

Alycia Day Mann-Rose

Imperial Sentinel of Ruby and Amethyst Dreams


Protector of the Herd, Imperial Lady of Mystery & Intrigue for Life

Katie KY

Imperial Entertainer to the Mystery & Intrigue for Life

Penny Michaels

Ultra Violet Fleur-de-lis Duchess of Diversity

Hellin Heels

Imperial Keeper of the Cobalt Diamond

Silky Smooth Ice

The Classic Rose Citizen for Life

Steven Rascher

Emperor 28’s Passion, HISH, Princess 20 of Seattle

Ronda Marie

Imperial Grandmother to Children of All Ages and Diversities

Anne Shepherd

Citizen for Life

Tim Franolavich

Imperial Contessa to the Realm in Perpetua

Neely O’Hara

Magisterial Muse of Illumination and Promise

Gary Slaughter

Imperial Marquess of Shining Love and Radiant Care

Jan Rosell

Imperial Marquess of Vibrant and Radiant Beauty

Kathleen Cunningham

Imperial Grand Duchess of Frendship & Roses to The Dedication of the Rose

Samantha Starr

Imperial Golden Diamond Star Grand Duchess of Rose Emperor XXXII Mark Hollywood

Holly Andrews

Imperial Godmother to the Lone Star Leather & Ice Rose Empress XLVI

Damita Jo

The Imperial Marquis de Sade of Faith, Hope & Charity

Andy Mangels

Lux Lucis Caelestis

Chastity Frustration

Imperial Admiral to the Empire

Dr. Chance De Valmont

Imperial Grand Duchess of Romance

The Endearing Tsunami Foxx

Imperial Queen Mom

Samantha Michelle

Imperial Chancellor to the Essence of the Rose

Daddy Daun

The Imperial Marchioness of Beauty

The Lady Ambrosia Schock

The Imperial Songbird to the Renaissance

Bobbi Drake

Imperial Grandmama in Perpetua

Candi Wrapper

The All Embracing Imperial Grand Duchess

Kitty KariAll

Imperial Husband for Life

Mr. Mitchell

Guardian Angel Emperor

David Boulevard

Citizen of the Realm

Queen Mother Nicole the Great

Crown Enchantress to Rose Emperor XXXIX

Krista Kennedy Smith

Imperial Sister To Rose Empress LV

Madison Lane Weston

Imperial Knight of the Historic Archives

Greg Pitts (Greg Bear)

Imperial Grand Vizier

William Hinkley

Imperial Fidis attaché

Char Starr

The Tonatiuh Guardian

Tia D. Valentine

The Eagle Guardian

Tarell Pitcher

Imperial Dancing Diva to the Glamour and Obsession

Bolivia Carmichaels

Leather Guardian of the Glamour and Obsession

Steven Steinbock

Portland’s Magnificent Canadian Rose


Imperial Ling Ling Sister to Rose Empress LX

Mimi Osa


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