ISRC Covid-19 Response

Greetings from the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon

The Board of Directors along with ACE/ICE Advisory Council met to develop a recommendation for a business continuity plan for the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon. It was proposed that the ISRC would take a hiatus from producing Pageants beginning March 1, 2020 and resume on March 1, 2021. This recommendation was taken to the Board of Directors and the general membership for discussion and vote. This motion has passed.

This means that our current titleholders will pause immediately and resume March 1, 2021. This will allow all title holders and Monarchs to have the intended full year with all the same opportunities and occasions they would have enjoyed prior to the COVID19 interruption.

Title holders that wish, may opt out of the plan their reign will be considered complete with all requirements met. All that choose this option will maintain their titles and numbers.

The expectation is that all ISRC members will continue to work toward promoting the community through new and innovative fundraising, as well as hands-on volunteering.

The ISRC has an obligation to be financially responsible, use funds generated for the promotion of the community and its needs. Our bars, community businesses, and many of our community members will need time to recover from the pandemic. We believe that by allowing the community time to heal we are doing what is fiscally responsible for the organization. We look forward to creative and new efforts from our members and community while we wait to return to full scale events in 2021

The Board of the Directors and the College of Monarchs will continue to address the needs of the community during this time. We will make every effort to continue with our traditions, develop to continue to serve the community as we have done for the past 61 years.

Our communication links will still be available. Go to: you will find the BOD email address for any questions or suggestions that you may have.

H.I.M. Rose Empress LIII, Monica Boulevard, President

Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon

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